What students like about taking lessons in Joy of Piano Studio:

~"Practicing for recitals, and memorizing, and rhythm cards" - age 7 

~”I learn more than I did with my other piano teacher.” - age 11

~”That we can do it online and I have a piano.” - age 10

~”They’re fun.” -age 10

~”Practicing is fun.  I like the piano and it’s my hobby.” - age 8

~"Getting to write my own song." - age 18

~“I helps with me with band”" - age 11

~”I like being able to talk and discuss.  Playing songs is fun.” - age 10

~”My favorite thing is sight reading” - age 5

~”The games at piano lessons” - age 7

~”Making my own music” - age 8

~”Challenging songs and analyzing new music before playing it.” - age 15

~”I liked ear training” - age 8 

~"Learning the hard songs and playing the piano." age 13

~"Improvising" - age 12

~"You don’t rush us. You let us take our time." - age 10

~”Getting into new books and playing songs I’ve heard before, like Ode to Joy.” - age 7

~"That it’s fun, learning an instrument." - age 10

~"I mostly like it all. Playing my Christmas book." - age 7

~”I get to learn.  Because I love music and that’s why I asked my mom to sign me up!” - age 9

~”Learning new music“ - age 7

~”I like that you give me challenging pieces to help me improve” - age 13

~”Dear Joy, I have enjoyed being with you every time I come.  You are the reason I woke up today. (Also my dad woke me up but still!)” - age 10

~”I really like that you say ‘if you make a mistake, keep on going!’” - age 7

~”Playing new songs for the first time then ‘discussing‘ them” - age 15

~”To learn new things” - age 9

~”Practicing“ - age 5

~“I love playing the notes and learning them”  -age 9