Celebrating 5 Years!

Thursday, February 20, 2020 by Joy Winkeler | Anniversary

Today, 02/20/2020, is not only a fun looking date with so many 0s and 2s, but it also marks my 5 year piano teaching anniversary!  

During these last 5 years:
-I have taught over 40 piano students (preschool age through high school)
-my studio has grown in number from my first 3 students in 2015 to almost 30 students actively taking lessons to the present day.
-I have tested the waters and expanded to teaching online as well via Skype and FaceTime, and now have students in New Jersey, Idaho, Iowa, and Kansas.
-I have provided the opportunity for my students to perform for one another in recitals twice a year.
-I used Skype conference calling so that my online students were able to have an online recital to perform for one another.
-Students receive the training for healthy piano technique, music theory, sight reading, ear training, solfége, composing, performing, and more.
-My studio name has officially become Joy of Piano Studio, LLC.

I want to say thank you to all those whom have helped me get to where I am today so that I can do what I love: teaching!   And to my students...YOU are the reason I keep striving to do better in my teaching each and every day, because you deserve the best musical experience possible, to equip you for a lifelong love and understanding of music.