LessonMate - a great option when having to miss a lesson!

Monday, October 18, 2021 by Joy Winkeler | Students

He couldn't make it to his last lesson time due to a school conflict, but he did not have to stop progressing!  I am so thankful for LessonMate.org: a software that makes it possible for me to video myself, organize it neatly all in one place, and send the link straight to the parent's email.  It is simple and easy to use for both me and my studio families, and a great option when a student has to miss a lesson.  I'm already set up to teach during their missed time slot, so...I go ahead and teach them by making short videos to introduce new songs, send duet parts, review tricky spots, or share performance recordings, and they are able to keep making good progress, even when life is crazy! 

(picture taken by his mom, and used with permission)